James Ashcroft shirtmaker, Manchester


Shirtmakers are as rare as hen's teeth, so it's always nice to get a recommendation – which is what we have for James Ashcroft.

The shirtmaker is based in Ardwick (just behind the Manchester Apollo), specialising in bespoke shirts for both retail and the film/TV industry (especially 'period' shirts). Everyone is measured, the shirts are cut by hand and sewn with traditional methods by people with years of experience.

Fabrics are available there or you can nip down to the shirting warehouse (in Nelson, Lancashire) to pick up some directly. What we don't know is the price – you might want to contact them about that first before you make the journey via the website. Oh yes – the person recommending claims he has 'never seen the quality and care in items like this or the range of colours and fabrics. So it does sound promising.

Find out more at the James Ashcroft website

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  1. i would like a list of the items you sell please…
    any chance?

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