Lambretta x Burton 'mod' suits

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Ok, you've had nothing to shout at for a while, so here's a reason to kick your screen – the Lambretta x Burton 'mod' suits.

I'll quote the text sent over by the people concerned:
This Summer Lambretta launches three new suits for Burton, available in store and online, the three new suits capture the Lambretta spirit.

With their intrinsic Mod look, shorter jackets, slimmer trousers and razor sharp styling, the suits will offer Burton customers a sartorial selection unlike anything before.

Perfect for summer weddings, pairing with casual look and work alike, the three suits capitalize on fashion forward looks for all.

No…me neither. On the off chance they do appeal, I've no idea about price. You'll have to head to your nearest Burtons.

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  1. pete Davies

    oh dear, nothing more really needs to be said really

  2. UncannyAleman

    Just looks like a business suit for graduate trainees.
    With skinny trousers.

  3. Since when did Mod suits have 2 buttons?? Theend

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