Magnus Carlson ft. Trummor & Orgel – The Way of the Crowd

Magnus Carlson ft. Trummor & Orgel - The Way of the Crowd
Magnus Carlson ft. Trummor & Orgel – The Way of the Crowd (image credit: Cosmos Music)
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This is a wonderful mini album. Magnus Carlson ft. Trummor & Orgel – The Way of the Crowd.

You probably know the name, Magnus Carlson. If you don’t, he’s a Swedish singer and DJ who has produced plenty of Mod-friendly grooves over the years. How version of Beggin’ is an absolute gem if you want to dig that out.

Or check out this new mini-album, which is out this week.

Magnus Carlson has teamed up with Trummor & Orgel for 6-track The Way Of The Crowd, described as a late 1960s-influenced soundtrack of sorts to celebrate some of Carlson’s household heroes and record collection faves.

So the likes of Reflections Of Charles Brown by Ruperts People, David Bowie’s In The Heat Of The Morning and Man Without A Dream, which is probably best known via its version by The Monkees.

The title track, The Way of the Crowd, is the hub of the release and something Magnus Carlson has been planning to record and release for a decade, not least because of a love of the Dan Folger version.

All the tracks are stripped down somewhat, so it’s the voice, the Hammond and the percussion, which really does work well over all six tracks. Great cover image too!

In short, well worth picking up. I’ve had it on repeat for a while now if that means anything. A limited-edition, you can pre-order the vinyl at the Hot Stuff website or you can find it on streaming services like Spotify and Apple music from the release date of Friday 24th March 2022.


Side A:

1. Reflections of Charles Brown (Ruperts People cover)
2. The Way of the Crowd (Dan Folger cover)
3. In the heat of the morning (David Bowie cover)

Side B:
1. On a Clear Day (You can see Forever) (The Peddlers cover)
2. Man without a Dream ( The City cover)
3. Undun ( The Guess Who cover)

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