Mother Earth – Stoned Woman coloured vinyl reissue

Mother Earth - Stoned Woman coloured vinyl reissue
Mother Earth – Stoned Woman coloured vinyl reissue (image credit: Acid Jazz)
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The title essentially says it all. A Mother Earth – Stoned Woman coloured vinyl reissue is coming your way soon.

Yellow vinyl, to be precise.

Good news if you didn’t buy the vinyl back in the day (like me) because CD was the dominant format at the time. And good news if you never got around to buying it. This was one of the early album highlights of the Acid Jazz label.

You could argue they made better albums (like ‘People Tree’, for example), but I prefer this less polished version of Mother Earth. The influences are wide, the production a little more basic, and the grooves are infectious.

And that was the appeal of early Acid Jazz recordings. A mixed bag of sounds and influences (as well as musicians) that paid their dues to the sounds of a couple of decades prior but were very much of their own time. A lot of Mods bought into Mother Earth and their funky grooves at the time, and for good reason. The soundtrack to a non-existent film of a bygone era.

If you want to check it out, do have a listen via your streaming service of choice. And if you want to own it, pick up this lovely new version on yellow vinyl.

Amazon has it down as landing on March 10th 2023 and is taking orders. Or you can do your bit for the indies and order it either directly from Acid Jazz or via Rough Trade. Expect to pay around £23.


1 Theme from Riot On 103rd Street
2 Look to the Light
3 Stoned Woman
4 The 5th Quadrant
5 Jonathan E
6 Bad Ass Weed
7 Knowledge (Rap)
8 Knowledge (Instrumental)
9 Look to the Light

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