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Updated: Paul Anderson’s upcoming Mod Art book now on pre-order

Paul Anderson’s upcoming Mod Art book now on pre-order
Paul Anderson’s upcoming Mod Art book now on pre-order
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It isn’t out yet, but Mod Art by Paul Anderson is already on pre-order at Amazon.

The book, from the author of the excellent Mods: The New Religion, has shifted a little in terms of publication. First pitched as early as April of ths year, it is now down for a release for the 16th October 2017, although you can pre-order right now. The cover above has tweaked slightly too – we’ll add in the impriced cover once we get a better image of it.

As for the book itself, that is a 224-page volume, with the pre-publicity thus:

Mod Art is the stunning visual journey from the early days of Pop Art with its strikingly vivid colours, up to today’s innovative Mod-influenced artists.

From the art schools of London to the 1960s clothing boutiques, the striking backdrops of Ready Steady Go!, the glistening chromed beauty of customised scooters, the explosive world of The Who’s auto-destructive art, the punk-tinged DIY basics of fanzines, the vibrant beat of acid jazz and the Union Jack-clad surge of Britpop, Mod-loving author Paul Anderson combines the most striking posters, advertisements, record covers, fliers, and fanzines from the Mod movement in one complete volume.

The latest press release adds:

Examining and illustrating the art scene surrounding the birth of modernism and its simultaneous rise among the burgeoning working class Mod scene of the 60’s, Paul Anderson’s Mod Art is the definitive work on the visual culture of Mod.

With interviews from key artists, scene members, a rich understanding of the how the collection of high art and mass culture formed Mod Art this book will  appeal to fans of history, music, fashion and art.

Gorgeously illustrated with a treasure trove of hundreds of colour photographs of famous, rediscovered and rare photographs from the era Mod Art will be read and re-read for years to come.

If thsat floats your bhoat, you can pre-order now, you can. The list price is £25.

Find out more at the Amazon website




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