Peckham Rye – all-new website

by Modculture 4 July, 2011


It's a company we have mentioned before and one we rate highly. but we're mentioning again because Peckham Rye now has an all-new website.

It's far better and easier to browse than the last one, which makes it easier to pick up their vintage-style silk scarves, slim toes or indeed, socks, handkerchiefs and bow ties if you are that way inclined.

The scarf above is just one of a very large range, a handmade silk paisley scarf, made of 'finest graded gum twill pure silk' with 'unique hand knotted Victorian styled ornamental silk fringes'. If you're not sure how to tie it, the company even throws in a diagram of 12 ways to wear it. It sells for £55. Check it out online with the rest of the stock.

Find out more at the Peckham Rye website

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