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Peckham Rye – all-new website

It's a company we have mentioned before and one we rate highly. but we're mentioning again because Peckham Rye now has an all-new website. It's far better and easier to browse than the last one, which makes it easier to pick up their vintage-style silk scarves, slim toes or indeed, […]

Moody's knitted ties and accessories

I flagged this up on the forums (membership re-opened by the way), but if you missed it and fancy a slightly higher-end knitted tie, check out Moody's. To be honest, a lot of it leaves me cold (a little too formal), but dig around and there's some gems, including pocket […]

Barbour silk knitted ties

There's a lot more knitted ties around these days than there once was – which means you don't have to resort to eBay for vintage polyester numbers with bonus plucks. Barbour is one such company selling higher-end ones, with these silk knitted ties. You can opt for a couple of […]