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Poor Cow (1967) screening on Talking Pictures TV

Poor Cow (1967) screening on Talking Pictures TV
Poor Cow (1967) screening on Talking Pictures TV
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It has become the default channel for many people of late and for good reason. Talking Pictures TV shows some wonderful cult and classic films. So it’s hardly surprising to see a screening of Poor Cow this week.

You probably know the background, but if not, read on.

This is a slice of kitchensink or realism (take your pick), based on the Nell Dunn novel (which is still in print I think) and directed by Ken Loach in 1967 – his first big screen outing.

It’s the life of 18-year-old Joy, who runs away from home with Tom (John Bindon), has a child, then sees her ‘bully’ husband jailed, leaving her on her own.

She eventually moves in with Dave (Terence Stamp) and looks set for the happy ending before Dave gets 12 years for robbery. Is there still a chance of a happy ending? You’ll have to watch to find out.

The film is on Talking Pictures on Friday 15th April 2016. You can get it on Freeview HD, Sky and Freesat. Hopefully one of those applies to you. Alternatively, you can always buy a copy on Amazon.

Talking Picture website

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