Rock On Wood by Terry Rawlings


Not a book reissue, Rock On Wood – The Origin of a Rock and Roll Face by Terry Rawlings, is more of a reworking.

Originally written and released in the late 90s, this Ronnie Wood biography wasn't the book the author intended, with the publishers preferring more of a straightforward Stones book than a journey through the likes of The Birds, The Creation, The Faces and the Jeff Beck Group. So Rawlings has worked with Acid Jazz and the original interviews to produce an all-new edition with new material (and some discarded too).

It's the book Terry Rawlings intended to write, throwing in some tasty photos too. It's next on my reading pile and should be in the stores very soon. Amazon isn't playing ball right now, keep an eye out for it going up any day now.

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  1. nigel foster

    Does that mean the great story of The Birds’ white van still roaming lonely around East Anglia will finally see the light of day?

  2. I’m reading the original 90s hardback as we speak. Great read somewhat spoiled by the number of errors, literals and misspelt names. Could have done with a better editor and proof reader. How can Lizzie Wood appear on one page spelt like this and then as Lizzy two pages later? And it’s Overtures And Beginners not FOR!

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