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A few people suggested I do this a while back, so from today, I am asking if anyone would like to support the Modculture website either with a one-off or ongoing small donation.

I’m not making this move lightly. But I do want to push on with the site and at present, it is a bit of a pinch to do that. Running the site is proving quite costly and as it isn’t my job and it is all down to me, that makes it an expensive hobby.

I have always tried to balance the books commercially. Unlike some Mod sites/set-ups, I don’t generate funding from events, merchandising, consultation, PR and so on. So the costs of running, hosting, security, the software, the technical help etc have to be paid for somehow and that’s becoming tougher year on year.

So I am asking for help to move the site on a little. If you enjoy reading the site or have benefitted via the site in the past, it would be great if you could consider either a one-off donation or a small, ongoing monthly subscription. Anything you can afford – if you can afford it. I know people are struggling at present, so don’t feel obliged if you are struggling.

But if you can, that would be great and it will help me keep the site ticking along for the coming months and years. As a bonus, I’ll look to offering exclusive competitions for anyone who does help out – LPs, books etc each month. If you can’t, that’s no big deal. Just glad to have you along anyway.

Either way, it’s a conversation I feel I need to have as I look to the future.

You can donate to the Modculture website here

Thanks for your time,

Update: The winner of the first draw for site supporters was Craig Netterfield, who gets the white labels from The Creation – Creation Theory box set. Thanks for your support and hope you enjoy.

The winner of the second draw for a complete The Creation – Creation Theory box set is Ian Bryden.

The winner of the third draw is Jason Brummell, winner of a copy of Paul Murphy presents The Return of Jazz Club double vinyl.

The winner if the rare double vinyl copy of This Is Mod is Gordon Doherty. I’ll be drawing out a separate winner for a Jump The Gun polo shirt too and will be in touch.

Vespa Style and Passion hardback book
Vespa Style and Passion hardback book

The next prize is the huge and rather wonderful Vespa Style and Passion hardback book, which has just been released. Essential if you have any interest in Vespa. I’ll draw that out at the start of next month.


  1. Done! Thanks for all of your hard work!

  2. Mitchell Zykofsky

    Your site is my life line, thanks for a job well done.

  3. Sent a donation last week will try to add more in the future keep up the good work

  4. David Marlborough

    Well done to everyone who makes this site, really look forward to getting my emails. Brilliant info and really well presented. Keep up the good work

    • Thanks, David. It’s just a one-man job and very much a hobby, which is why costs are an issue in running the site.

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