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This Is England '86 details

News of a TV series you might have seen trailed on TV already, news of a related shirt giveaway from Brutus and an extended trailer of This Is England '86. First up, the TV series, which screens from 7th September 2010 and is a follow-on from the original movie, with […]

New band: The Young Veins

A new-ish band, formed early in 2010 by former members of Las Vegas band Panic! at the Disco – The Young Veins. For this new venture, Ryan Ross and Jon Walker of said band, along with bassist Andy Soukal, drummer Nick Murray and keyboardist Nick White have used the 60s […]

The Like – Wishing He Was Dead

The last single went down well on this site, so here's the new single from The Like – Wishing He Was Dead. Interestingly, the band seem to have got a lot of mainstream coverage of late, so this 60s-style pop single could make a dent in the charts when it […]

Cult Clip: The Corridor People

A while back, we mentioned that The Corridor People, a strange 'lost' show from the 1960s was heading to DVD via Network. Well, that same label has just put up a 'teaser' clip online. Dating back to 1966, just four episodes were actually broadcast of the series, which starred John […]

Georgie Fame – Seventh Son

The Flamingo might have become a distant memory, but Georgie Fame continued to knock out some cracking tunes as the 60s progressed, including this funky take on Mose Allison's Seventh Son. Even better, on this video he's wearing a dressing gown and dancing with Pan's People. As you do.

Cult Clip: Vintage London coffee bars

Another clip spotted on the forums, this one a vintage Look At Life movie in over-glorious technicolour. It looks like a late 50s look at London's coffee bars (or it could be just sneaking into the 60s) – the music indicates the former. Nonetheless, it's an interesting look at coffee […]

Billy Preston – Agent Double 'O' Soul

Another video I spotted on the Modculture forums (posted up by the mod DJing legend that is Lee Miller I believe), a spot of Billy Preston. Our man is seen here on the playing with Ray Charles, rattling through Agent Double 'O' Soul, sporting a bold suit and throwing out […]

Booker T's Green Onions in colour

Spotted this on the Modculture forums, but in case you missed it there, here's a superb clip of Booker T and the MGs doing Green Onions live in 1968. Not only that, the clip is in colour, unusual for the era. Check it out…