Trio of mod-friendly Kent 45s

Following last years successful series of 45s, Kent are back with a trio of new reissues that will have most mods salivating – and maybe upsetting a few DJs along the way, no doubt.Kent 45s

Mike Pedicin's scene favourite 'Burnt Toast and Black Coffee', the last original of which sold on eBay for $1667, has been placed on 7" alongside TC Lee & The Bricklayers 'Up and Down The Hill'. Another mod fave rave is Little Willie John's 'I'm Shakin', which has The Stratoliners 'What Do You Want With My Love' on the flip. Finally Cody Black performing 'I'm Slowly Moulding' is coupled with Roosevelt Matthews with Billy Ball and The Upsetters and 'You Got Me Diggin' You'.

All three 45s are out to buy on Kent/Gusto from Monday (February 23rd), and available to buy from Amazon for £4.89 each here.


  1. polly owterprisson

    hi – your amazon links appear to be for CDs not 45s???????

  2. That is a mistake by Amazon I think, they are definitely coming out on vinyl and not CDs.

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