Vespa PX scooter returns


An interesting change of mind by Piaggio, with the return of the Vespa PX scooter.

For eco (and possibly commercial) reasons, the Vespa PX disappeared from the market, as the company concentrated on its 'twist and go' range. But it is now being re-launched by Piaggio, shown off recently at the Milan Motorcycle Show looking not a lot different to older models. Indeed, it's only really had a few minor cosmetic enhancements for the relaunch, using a standard PX 4-speed, 2-stroke 125cc engine (we believe) and offering hand gear shift.

Pricing hasn't yet been talked about, but you should be able to buy one next years, specifically from April 2011. More details when we have them (although so far, getting details out of Piaggio's press team has been like getting blood out of a stone).

Vespa website

Image via Hell For Leather

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