Video: DC Fontana – Pentagram Man

DC Fontana - Pentagram Man
DC Fontana – Pentagram Man
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On the evidence of this new video for Pentagram Man, it sounds like DC Fontana has been listening to a bit of Traffic.

The mini movie is a preview for the band’s upcoming Pentagram Man EP, with this first track using both that title tracks and the more psychy Sighed DC, which also features on that EP.

If your tastes extend into the late ’60s give it a go, it’s certainly a well-made production and made around The Custard Factory in Birmingham, Tamworth Castle and Orton on the Hill in Leicestershire, if you know those areas.

Check it out below, with more videos to follow covering other tracks on the six-track EP. It is released on DCTone Records as a CD and MP3 downloads and also by Italian based Teen Sound Records (part of Misty Lane) on vinyl. More on the band via the website.

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  1. Not heard much of their stuff but that’s the best I’ve heard so far.

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