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Modern-day mods: Owen Harvey talks mod photography

by Modculture 26 July, 2017

Claire Mahoney talks to Owen Harvey on the eve of his Mod UK exhibition at the Subculture Archives in Carnaby Street, London. Continue Reading

On pre-order: Mods A Way Of Life by Patrick Potter

by Modculture 17 July, 2017

This has just popped onto the pre-order listings – Mods A Way Of Life by Patrick Potter. Continue Reading

Back To The Beat – Rare Breed Rhythm & Soul 1956-62 vinyl

by Modculture 13 July, 2017

The Outta Sight label has a few interesting things in the pipeline, including the Back To The Beat – Rare Breed Rhythm & Soul 1956-62 vinyl. Continue Reading

1963 Lambretta Li 125 S3 scooter on eBay

by Modculture 11 July, 2017

If you are on the hunt for a Lambretta scooter,  then you might want to check out this 1963 Lambretta Li 125 S3, which is up for sale on the eBay website right now. Continue Reading

Dates confirmed for future Style Council vinyl reissues

by Modculture 19 June, 2017

Well, the first two went down well, so we suspect the remaining Style Council vinyl reissues will prove popular too. All are now on pre-order as well. Continue Reading

Who The Hell Is Frank Wilson by Pete McKenna (Old Dog Books)

by Modculture 25 May, 2017

I’ve been meaning to read Who The Hell Is Frank Wilson by Pete McKenna for some time. In the last week I finally got around to it. Continue Reading

Mod: The Collection budget four-disc box set (Rhino)

by Modculture 17 May, 2017

This is amazing value. Although you might have to do a bit of cross referencing before picking up Mod: The Collection. Continue Reading

Vintage vs reproduction – a very modern issue

by Modculture 16 May, 2017

Claire Mahoney discusses vintage fashion. Can reproduction clothing based on an original 1960s look ever match up to the real deal? Continue Reading

Weekend Dancer by Talcott Levy (Old Dog Books)

by Modculture 15 May, 2017

Another week, another piece of mod fiction. Weekend Dancer by Talcott Levy is certainly part of a rapidly growing industry. Continue Reading

Style Council coloured vinyl reissues confirmed

by Modculture 8 May, 2017

Some Style Council vinyl reissues listed on Amazon, which is great news if you love coloured vinyl. Continue Reading