The Best Of Rare Mod vinyl compilation

The Best Of Rare Mod vinyl compilation
The Best Of Rare Mod vinyl compilation (image credit: Acid Jazz)
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Available on pre-order, The Best Of Rare Mod vinyl compilation is both new and a coloured vinyl issue.

Well, new might be pushing it a bit. There has been a Rare Mod CD box, Rare Mod standalone compilation albums on CD, and, of course, wonderful vinyl EPs that have formed the backbone of the series.

But there hasn’t been a vinyl compilation album until now – and that’s the pull here.

The Best Of Rare Mod vinyl compilation
(image credit: Acid Jazz)


The series focused on lost classics that capture the sound of the original Mod scene, and this single album, over 14 tracks, offers a taster of that, including a couple of tunes from the legendary Fleur De Lys, as well as a track from their brief billing as ‘Shyster’. Some lesser-known names, of course (including several productions from the unsung hero and prolific session man Graham Dee), and a big name too – a young David Bowie performing with The Riot Squad.

All the tracks are listed below. It’s out on an orange vinyl and lands on 17th May 2024 for around £24.

Find out more on the Amazon website or at Acid Jazz.


A1. Mud In My Eye – The Fleur De Lys
A2. It’s A Hard Way To Go – Catherdral
A3. She’s Got The Time – The Afex
A4. Tick Tock – Shyster
A5. Big Bird – Dog Soul
A6. I’m A Man – The Top Six
A7. Waiting For The Man – The Riot Squad

B1. Two Can Make It Together – Tony & Tandy
B2. A Love I Believe In – Maxine
B3. Brick By Brick (Stone By Stone) – The Fleur De Lys
B4. Soul Ride – Mike Berry
B5. Just A Misunderstanding – Richard Kent Style
B6. Sing A Simple Song – Ossie Layne Show
B7. Mr. Super Cool – Graham Dee

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