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Budget vintage-style knitted ties at Amazon

by Modculture 12 June, 2019


Uniqlo once sold them, it hasn’t been easy to find affordable vintage-style knitted ties for sale online since. Thankfully, Amazon has it all covered. Continue Reading

Classic cycling: Diederik Degryse of Magliamo interviewed

by Modculture 7 June, 2019

Currently one of Paul Weller’s favourite labels, we talk to Diederik Degryse of vintage cycling brand and current mod favourite Magliamo. Continue Reading

How to do mod on the cheap – without buying cheap brands

by Modculture 22 May, 2019

You can do mod on the cheap and without having to resort to cheap brands that fall apart after just a couple of washes. I’ll tell you how. Continue Reading

Out now: 1970s Adidas Bern City Series trainers

by Modculture 20 May, 2019

Last on the shelves back in 2014, the 1970s Adidas Bern City Series trainers finally return to the shelves. Continue Reading

Exhibition review: Mary Quant – The feminist of fashion

by Modculture 1 May, 2019

Claire Mahoney talks Mary Quant and the current Mary Quant exhibition, which you can find at London’s V&A and running through to 2020. Continue Reading