A Clockwork Orange 99p Amazon Kindle Daily Deal

A Clockwork Orange 99p Amazon Kindle Daily Deal
A Clockwork Orange 99p Amazon Kindle Daily Deal
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The headline says it all. A Clockwork Orange 99p Amazon Kindle Daily Deal just for the rest of today.

Why should you want it? Well, of course, this is a literary classic. Is it influenced by Mods and rockers? It has been said, although as the book was published in 1962, that might not be the case. The official line is that Anthony Burgess based it on Manchester gangs of the 1920s, with latter-day youth cults influencing the final copy.

You have probably seen the film, but how about reading the book? It’s much the same in terms of the storyline, although the book has more substance, even if it doesn’t have the visual impact of the movie.

But if you haven’t seen the film or read the book, let’s just say that this is the story of teenage protagonist Alex, who narrates his violent exploits. After being convicted of murder, the authorities use an experimental treatment to change his future behaviour. But things don’t quite go to plan.

The book isn’t an easy read as it is partly-written in a kind of slang called Nadsat. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.

Anyway, if you have a Kindle (or the Kindle app) you can get a copy of the book to download today for just 99p (down from an earlier £7.99). A bargain.

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