Circles: The Ultimate Fleur De Lys on vinyl and CD

Circles: The Ultimate Fleur De Lys on vinyl and CD
Circles: The Ultimate Fleur De Lys on vinyl and CD
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There have been other collections in the past, but Circles: The Ultimate Fleur De Lys on vinyl and CD looks a winner to me.

To be honest, those collections are hard to find these days, so this one, via the Acid Jazz label, is something of a welcome addition to the record shelves.

Note I said ‘record’ because the collection is available in two formats. The first is a double orange vinyl set, with a double CD also being made available if you prefer that way of listening.

Of course, you need to want some Fleur De Lys in your collection and that’s something you should consider. As AJ points out: ‘The singles they released in the second half of the 1960s are one of the greatest collections of singles by any band, ranging from R&B through freakbeat and psych and back into club soul.’

The band was something of an evolving force during that decade. Emerging from the English South Coast’s competitive club scene they signed to Rolling Stones’ manager Andrew Loog Oldham’s Immediate label where they recorded two singles.

Circles: The Ultimate Fleur De Lys on vinyl and CD
Circles: The Ultimate Fleur De Lys on vinyl and CD


After that, they were ‘taken under the wing’ of Frank Fenter who worked out of the UK Polydor office running the UK arm of Atlantic. The group went through numerous line-up changes as they recorded a series of singles which are now some of the most collectable of the era.

Acid Jazz is now looking after the catalogue and this is hoped to be the ultimate collection of the band’s work, covering the output of Immediate, Polydor and Atlantic, Note that it has been produced with the full co-operation of the group’s Keith Guster, allowing for the use of previously unseen photos and illustrations.

Tracklisting below if you need it and if you want it, you can pre-order from a variety of sources right now ahead of the 26th March 2021 release date.

The vinyl and CD are available from Rough Trade for £24.99 and £11.99 respectively. The vinyl is cheaper at Amazon, selling for £21.88.

But don’t overlook Acid Jazz itself, which is doing bundles that include an exclusive t-shirt if that appeals. It’s your call.

Also worth mentioning that Acid Jazz released a book on the band, which isn’t available new right now buy comes up often on eBay and similar sites.


Mud In Your Eye
Hold On
Gong With The Luminous Nose
Tick Tock
Hammer Head
One City Girl
I Forgive You
Brick By Brick (Stone By Stone)
I Can See A Light
Prodigal Son
Nothing To Say
Stop Crossing The Bridge
The Bitter With The Sweet
So Come On
You’ve Got To Earn It
Two Can Make It Together
I’ve Been Trying
(You’re Just A) Liar
Wait For Me
Love Them All (Demo)
Gotta Get Enough Time (Demo)
I Walk The Sands
Yeah I Do Love You (Demo)

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  1. Thanks for the tip; have pre-ordered directly from Acid Jazz!

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