Into Tomorrow – The Spirit Of Mod 1983-2000 box set

Into Tomorrow – The Spirit Of Mod 1983-2000 box set
Into Tomorrow – The Spirit Of Mod 1983-2000 box set (image credit: Cherry Red/Rough Trade)
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An interesting idea, Into Tomorrow – The Spirit Of Mod 1983-2000 box set collects bands loosely associated with the Mod movement.

It isn’t a new idea. There have been a couple of attempts to bring this ‘scene within a scene’ together in there past. Some were more successful than others. Personally, I quite liked the Children Of Nuggets box, which wasn’t a Mod box but covered similar ground.

This one rides the Mod theme without necessarily covering bands who would associate themselves with Mod. I think we can all name a few bands that Mods have tended to appreciate without them working under that banner. Well, this box runs with that idea and pushes it to its limit.

Of course, that means there will undoubtedly be a few who might not appeal to you and a few you might wonder about in terms of their appearance here. But that’s the thing about compilations. It’s always down to someone’s choice and opinion.

Four CDs and 92 tracks in total, which celebrates ‘the new post-Jam era and the Mod scene as it progressed after their break up’. Some obvious tunes, some lesser-known or lesser-heard and some rarities on CD for the first time, including singles by Wipeout, The Playn Jayn and Steve Cradock’s first band, The Boys.

Disc 1 starts, as the collection should, with The Style Council and ex-Nine Below Zero singer/guitarist Dennis Greaves’ soul/pop group The Truth, before taking in underground Mod bands such as Small World and The Scene and bands blending Mod with garage rock and psychedelia such as The Prisoners and The Playn Jayn.

Disc 2 continues through to the end of the decade with the 1985 mod resurgence led by The Untouchables and Makin’ Time, an imagined soundtrack theme by The James Taylor Quartet, Fine Young Cannibals taking Northern style soul into the charts and ending with the Inspiral Carpets and Stone Roses. The latter is probably the most contentious here, I’d say.

Disc 3 commences with Paul Weller’s solo return in an era when Five Thirty and The Charlatans brought Mod influences into the indie scene, and bands on Eddie Piller’s Acid Jazz label played modern music that retained the spirit of Mod and its links to soul and jazz.

Disc 4 mixes cult 60s-inspired bands such as The Aardvarks and The Clique with Ocean Colour Scene and Kula Shaker, who took Mod and psychedelia back into the charts, and ends with Big Boss Man adding in some Hammond organ-led club groove for the 21st Century.

The full track listing is below. If you want a copy, you can pre-order now ahead of the 29th September 2023 release date. It retails for £27.09 at Amazon.


1 The Style Council – A Solid Bond In Your Heart
2 The Truth – A Step In The Right Direction
3 Small World – First Impressions
4 The Scene – Looking For Love
5 JoBoxers – Just Got Lucky
6 Apocalypse – Don’t Stop
7 The Undertones – Got To Have You Back
8 Squire – Jesamine
9 The Times – Big Painting
10 The Blades – Downmarket (1983 single version)
11 The Nerve – I’ll Give You Up
12 The Co-Stars – Not Ready For Love
13 Tracie – Far From The Hurting Kind
14 Dee Walker – My Happy Little Heart
15 The Jetset – The Man Who Lives Upstairs
16 The Barracudas – Next Time Around
17 Wipeout – Come Join The Dance
18 The Milkshakes – I’m Talking About You
19 The Prisoners – I Drink The Ocean
20 The Playn Jayn – I Love You Like I Love Myself
21 The Direct Hits – She Really Didn’t Care (unreleased version)
22 Mod Fun – I Can See (Everything)
23 XL – Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
24 The Dansette – This Is Your Life


1 The Untouchables – I Spy For The F.B.I.
2 Makin’ Time – Honey (original version)
3 The Gents – New Direction
4 The Way Out – This Working Way
5 The Redskins – Bring It Down (This Insane Thing)
6 The Reflection A.O.B. – Mind The Gap
7 Topper Headon – Leave It To Luck
8 The Kick – Armchair Politician
9 Purple Hearts – Friends Again
10 The Rage – Come On Now
11 Fast Eddie – Vicinity
12 The Alljacks – The Real Thing
13 The James Taylor Quartet – The Money Spyder
14 Mood Six – The Contemporary Scene
15 Biff Bang Pow! – Someone Stole My Wheels
16 The Risk – Good Times
17 The Threads – Alison
18 The Boys – Happy Days
19 The Moment – Ready To Fall
20 Fine Young Cannibals – Good Thing
21 The Clique (featuring James Taylor) – Crying Days
22 The Studio 68! – Closer Than Close
23 Inspiral Carpets – Keep The Circle Around
24 The Stone Roses – Standing Here


1 Paul Weller – Into Tomorrow
2 Five Thirty – You
3 The La’s – I Can’t Sleep
4 The Stairs – Woman Gone and Say Goodbye (unissued Imaginary EP version)
5 The Mystreated – You Better Run
6 The Revs – Ten Seconds Of Temptation
7 New Jersey Kings – All Wrapped Up
8 Mother Earth – Mr. Freedom
9 Corduroy – London, England
10 The Charlatans – Can’t Get Out Of Bed
11 The Strange – Magic Spiral
12 Ride – How Does It Feel To Feel?
13 The Shadowland – Smoke
14 The Buzz – Tell Her No
15 The Bogeymen – You’ve Got No Scruples
16 The Acrylic Tones – Girl
17 Goodchilde – Sarapeutic
18 These Animal Men – Speeed King
19 Mantaray – Insomniac’s Dream
20 The Weekenders – Seems You’ve Missed Sunday
21 Orange Deluxe – Love 45
22 Pimlico – Queenie
23 The Apemen – Love Train


1 The Aardvarks – You’re My Loving Way (album version)
2 The Clique – She Doesn’t Need You Anymore
3 Supergrass – Melanie Davis
4 The Nerve – Submarine
5 Cast – Alright
6 Phaze – Indian Rope Man
7 Ocean Colour Scene – You’ve Got It Bad
8 Kula Shaker – Grateful When You’re Dead/Jerry Was There
9 Knave – Bachelor1
0 Gene – Fighting Fit
11 Groove Tunnel – Rainy Day
12 Skooby – Deep Inside
13 The Nuthins – Mistake
14 Thee Cherylinas – We Were Happy
15 Primal Scream – Hammond Connection
16 Edward Ball – The Mill Hill Self Hate Club
17 Bronco Bullfrog – Down Angel Lane
18 Jarvis Humby – Get On Board My Train
19 Quant – Play With Mary
20 The Upper Fifth – Lyin’ To You
21 Big Boss Man – Sea Groove

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