Jukebox Jam! album released

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Just in time for your Christmas list is the first Jukebox Jam! album, which is released by Jazzman records.

There's an interview with Liam Large, the man behind both the club night and the record on the Modculture site, so check that out if you want to know the background. If you want to more about the album, read on…

We're in the land of '50s and '60s R&B, throwing some blues and popcorn into the mix too. After a succession of sell-out 45s, this is the first full length volume, pulling together some selections from the 45 series, but also adding a further eight tracks that haven't been featured on the singles. A total of 22 tracks.

It's available on vinyl or CD, the former with a fold-out booklet inside and an A3 size colour Jukebox Jam poster, while the latter has some extensive liner notes. Both also feature never-before-seen pictures, photos and images.

Tracklisting below or go buy a copy now. Amazon has it listed but not yet available, but you can get a copy right now from the Jazzman site directly.

Tracklisting for LP and CD:
1. Rose Mitchell – Baby Please Don't Go 2-24
2. Mr. Sad Head – Hot Weather Blues 2-48
3. Big Maybelle – I've Got A Feeling 2-58
4. Bunker Hill – You Can't Make Me Doubt… 2-15
5. Jay Swan – You Don't Love Me 2-45
 6. Jack tucker – Crazy Do 2-18
7. Little Arthur Matthews – I'm Gonna Whale… 2-09
8. Etta James – Nobody Loves You Like Me 2-27
9. Ervin Rucker – Baby You Were Meant For Me 2-04
10. Frances Burr – I Say No, No More 2-27
11. Mike Robinson – Lula 2-22
12. Big Tiny Kennedy – Country Boy 2-21
13. Little Esther – Hound Dog 2-36
14. Roy Brown – Mr Hound Dog's In Town 2-33
15. Otis Blackwell – Let The Daddy Hold You 2-21
16. Eunice Davis – Get Your Enjoy's 2-36
 17. Marga Benitez – Geechie Goomie 2-25
18. Vernon Dilworth – Shorty 2-23
19. Terry Timmons – Got Nobody To Love 2-41
20. Jeannie Barnes – Can't Get You Off My Mind 2-45
21. Arthur Griswold – Pretty Mama Blues 2-16
22. Ben Harper – I Can't Takit No Longer 2-17

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