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Mary Quant My Autobiography book

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Not the first Quant biography on the market, she wrote Quant By Quant back in the mid-1960s. But the Mary Quant My Autobiography book, which is published by Headline, is likely to be a little less sensationalist and a little more balanced than that original volume.

Not a lot of detail so far, although the pre-publicity promises that ‘Mary Quant has written a memoir in her own inimitable style – a witty, unique account of her whirlwind life. It is a story like no other. But then there is only one Mary Quant.’

So expect everything from her early days, her first Kings Road store (Bazaar), her dominance of fashion in that era and indeed, life as a leading light in the swinging sixties. It isn’t an exclusively ’60s book, so there’s no doubt a few chapters on the decades since too (the shops, the dolls, the customised Mini cars etc etc).

If that sound appealing, the book is published on 16th February, with Amazon doing discounted pre-orders now for £14.99.

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Footnote: There’s a super-rare hardback copy of the original 1960s Quant By Quant on eBay right now at £4.99 as I write. Find out about that here.

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