Mik Parry presents the Pow Wow Show on Mixcloud

Mik Parry presents the Pow Wow Show on Mixcloud
Mik Parry presents the Pow Wow Show on Mixcloud
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Another treat for your ears, courtesy of Mik Parry presents the Pow Wow Show on Mixcloud.

Pow Wow you ask? If you don’t know about it, the Pow Wow Club is a long-running Mod/soul club based in Sheffield, which has been running since January 2006.

I know that because I was one of the co-founders of the club, alongside the late (and much-missed) Steve Millington and the musical brains behind the night, Mik Parry and Gav Arno. Myself and Steve stepped back after the initial nights, leaving Gav and Mik to take the club on, which have done – and then some. it is now one of the most respected Mod nights around and a credit to the lads behind the decks.

If you want to know what the club is about in 2020 (yes, 14 years and still going) then check out the mixes here, courtesy of Mixcloud. Mik has put to together a couple of one-hour shows showcasing the kind of stuff you might hear if clubs ever come back. R&B, soul and some funky grooves guaranteed to fill a dancefloor. All top-notch grooves.

Best of all, it’s free to listen to. Just get a Mixcloud account, press ‘play’ and you are away. Listen via the links below:

Pow Wow Show mix one

Pow Wow Show mix two

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