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Mods in China clip online

Mods in China
Mods in China

Just found this little film on YouTube, which seems to indicate a mod revival in China – or should that be mod in China – as it didn’t happen first time around.

It’s a seven-minute clip that mixes old footage and snaps (Quadrophenia and Brighton Beach for example) with footage of Chinese kids on vintage scooters in parkas. The words are in English and Chinese, so you don’t quite get the full story, but it’s interesting to see young Chinese folk buying up vintage scooters, particularly Vespas.

Check it our below…


  1. I admire the gusto here…but some of the “facts” they were throwing around just made me slap my forehead. Glad to see some kind of Mod presence in China though.

  2. Bradley hall

    just hired out my scooter for next months chinese elle magazine, I think they are doing british mod thing for the edition, do you want to see the photo’s?

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