Mojo magazine featuring Steve Marriott out now

Mojo magazine featuring Steve Marriott out now
Mojo magazine featuring Steve Marriott out now (image credit: Mojo magazine)
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It’s always a magazine worth reading, but Mojo magazine featuring Steve Marriott really does make it appealing.

It isn’t a ‘special’ on Steve Marriott (he’s not actually on the cover – that honour goes to Lana Del Rey), but he does make the top banner of the magazine and of course, the cover disc.

The feature is described as a ‘revelatory new in-depth story about Steve Marriott’, which I presume is also a plug of sorts for the All Or Nothing: The Authorised Story of Steve Marriott book, which is available in just over a week’s time. You can order that here if you haven’t already.

Anyway, likely to be a decent read because Mojo features pretty much always are. It’s the kind of magazine we need to value. But if that’s not enough, there’s always the lure of the cover disc.

I haven’t got the tracks as yet (as I haven’t been able to pick one up as yet), but it claims to be a 15-track ultra-collectable CD of rare, live and unreleased Small Faces, Humble Pie and Marriott music. Which is a nice thing to get free.

Talking of picking it up, you can get one from your local magazine seller or newsagent. If you can’t find a copy, you can always pick one up (it’s the April edition) at the Great Magazines website.

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