Roger Daltrey: Thanks a lot Mr Kibblewhite in paperback

Roger Daltrey: Thanks a lot Mr Kibblewhite in paperback
Roger Daltrey: Thanks a lot Mr Kibblewhite in paperback
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If you missed out on the hardback, Roger Daltrey: Thanks a lot Mr Kibblewhite: My Story is back in paperback.

Saying that, you would probably only be buying it for the convenience of a paperback rather than a hardback. There is nothing in this version that wasn’t in the original hardback release.

In fact, you can get the hardback for a massively discounted £7 right now at Amazon, which means it is priced the same as the upcoming paperback of The Who frontman’s autobiography. So not even a money saving in this case.

Basically, it’s easier to read on a commute and it has new artwork, if that appeals, go get a copy.

Oh and the write-up last time still applies…

Roger Daltrey is the voice of a generation.

That generation was the first to rebel, to step out of the shadows of the Second World War… to invent the concept of the teenager.

This is his story, from his birth at the height of the Blitz, through tempestuous school days to his expulsion, age 15, for a crime he did not commit (though he was guilty of many other misdemeanours he’d got away with). Thanks to Mr Kibblewhite, his draconian headmaster, it could all have ended there. The life of a factory worker beckoned.

But then came rock and roll. He made his first guitar from factory off-cuts. He formed a band. The band became The Who – Maximum R&B – and, by luck and by sheer bloody-mindedness, Roger Daltrey became the frontman of one of the biggest rock bands on the planet.

This is the story of My Generation, Tommy and Quadrophenia, of smashed guitars, exploding drums, cars in swimming pools, fights, arrests and redecorated hotel rooms.

But it is also the story of how that post-war generation redefined the rules of youth. Out of that, the modern music industry was born – and it wasn’t an easy birth. Money, drugs and youthful exuberance were a dangerous mix. This is as much a story of survival as it is of success.

Four years in the making, this is the first time Roger Daltrey has told his story. It is not just his own hilarious and frank account of more than 50 wild years on the road. It is the definitive story of The Who and of the sweeping revolution that was British rock ‘n’ roll.

Pre-order now ahead of the 30th May 2019 release date, with £6.99 being the price of it.

Find out more at the Amazon website

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  1. Can’t wait to read it. BTW, his new album, AS LONG AS I HAVE YOU, is awesome. Give it a listen.

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