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Pre-order: Scorcha! by Paul Anderson plus vinyl release

Scorcha! by Paul Anderson
Scorcha! by Paul Anderson
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The upcoming Scorcha! by Paul Anderson book is up for pre-order ahead of its long-delayed release.

The book, originally titled Suedeheads, is being published by Omnibus Press and covers 304 pages. It’s likely to be a good one too. Paul Anderson is thorough in his research judging by past releases and I can’t see this one being any different, especially as the book is produced in association with Mark Baxter. Look him up, he’s been behind plenty of interesting projects, some of which have been featured on this site.

The artwork has now been released, along with a new write-up for the book, which is set to land this summer but is available to pre-order now. According to the latest details:

Paul Anderson and Mark Baxter delve into the roots of Britain’s 20th-century subcultures leading up to the rise of Suedehead.

The sum of their own tastes in music, clothes, soccer and clubs, Suedeheads were always a tribe in flux, referencing the values of Skinheads and the Mods but with a look of their own. This definitive visual history of the Suedehead phenomenon features first-hand accounts, iconic images and a foreword written by Suggs.

Sounds like it could be a winner. Well, as long as you have an interest in the subject matter. This isn’t a ‘Mod’ book. But it is likely to be of Mod interest for people who like to read around and beyond the subject.

If you want to pre-order, you can do that now, although the release date has been put back once again. It is now down for ahead of the 15th April 2021 release date, selling for a discounted £22 for the hardback right now.

Find out more at the Amazon website

Update: Since the article first appeared, the book has been put back a couple of times and is now down as having an extended title of Scorcha! Skins, Suedes and Style from the Streets 1967-1973.

Scorcha! Skins, Suedes and Style from the Streets 1967-1973 vinyl box set
Scorcha! Skins, Suedes and Style from the Streets 1967-1973 vinyl box set

Perhaps as a result of the delays, there is an accompanying box set out well ahead of the book. The Scorcha! Skins, Suedes and Style from the Streets 1967-1973 vinyl box set features 10 reproduction 7-inch singles from the Trojan archives and is now discounted to £41.09.

You can find out more about the music box set at the Amazon website right now.

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  1. Looks like a top read though surely suedeheads had long fizzled out by late 70’s.
    Broncos such a great film, emminently watchable time after time. Better than cakes.

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