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Mad Men official clothing collection

You might like the TV show, but would you buy the clothing? Banana Republic hopes so, as it has got the rights to produce the official Mad Men capsule collection later this summer. The new line will launch in the US in late summer, presumably hitting the European version of […]

Swamp Dogg CD reviewed

It's actually been out a little while now, but better late than never is certainly the case for the new Swamp Dogg collection, which goes by the name of It's All Good and is available via Ace/Kent. Mark Raison has reviewed the album by Swamp Dogg, real name Jerry Williams, […]

Fania Records 2CD retrospective

Anyone fancying dipping their toes into vintage Latin might want to check out the new Fania Records 1964-1980: The Original Sound Of Latin New York 2CD set, which is incoming on the Strut label next month. The period is important, taking in the emergence of boogaloo from the mid-60s, which […]

R&B Spotlight album series

Just browsing through Amazon and noticed a series of albums called R&B Spotlight, which might well be of of interest, even if the sleeves are a bit ropey. Essentially, it's a series of big R&B tunes year-on-year, with 1960 just released as a 60-track set by Fantastic Voyage, following previous […]

Northern rarities CD reviewed

We flagged this up a while back, now we have a review online of Northern Soul's Classiest Rarities Volume 4. Neil Henderson has done the review of the latest Kent Northern rarities CD, as ever packed with lesser-known tunes deserving of a wider audience. Check it out now – the […]

Beginners Guide To Rhythm N Blues

Interesting 'budget' box set coming out, going by the title of Beginners Guide To Rhythm N Blues. It's on the Nascente label, which is part of the Demon group, which itself seems to specialise in budget collections covering eras or genres. Easy to be sniffy about this one, but on […]