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1960s Chelsea Facebook group

I spotted this over on Paul Gorman's The Look blog, the Facebook group Epicentre of creativity World's End chelsea SW10 in the 1960s that is. It is what it says, a focal point for 1960s 'dandy' photos from around the King's Road in the 1960s. The kind of thing you […]

Plectrum Live Edition at Tate Modern

The title might not sound appealing, but the Plectrum Live Edition at Tate Modern is actually an interesting sounding event. Joe Boyd, Nigel Waymouth, Jill Kennington and Delisia Howard are in conversation with Guy Sangster Adams, talking about the 'romanticism running through fashion, music, art, and design, in 1960s London, […]

Boutique London book reviewed

It's out later this week, so the perfect time to review Boutique London by Richard Lester. Published by ACC Ediitons, this 192-page book is part vintage tourist guide, part history and part coffee table glossy, taking in all the retailer of note (and some unknowns) from the capital from the […]

Richard Lester's Boutique London

We did run a quick piece on this a few weeks back, but author Richard Lester has been kind enough to send over full details of the forthcoming Boutique London A History: King's Road to Carnaby Street, which is produced by ACC Editions. The book is a 280-page affair, following […]

Boutique London by Richard Lester

This is something of an advance heads-up as I have just encountered Boutique London A History: King's Road to Carnaby Street by Richard Lester, but details are scarce – as is a cover image. One thing to note though, this has nothing to do with Marnie Fogg's Boutique. Probably no […]