The Prisoners – In From The Cold vinyl reissue

The Prisoners - In From The Cold vinyl reissue
The Prisoners – In From The Cold vinyl reissue
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Just popping up on the upcoming list is The Prisoners – In From The Cold vinyl reissue, which is now via Acid Jazz.

I know, confusing as the CD is out via Big Beat (through Ace). But it looks like Acid Jazz now has the rights to this – although I’m not sure if that’s the case for the rest of the back catalogue.

Picking a favourite album by The Prisoners is a bit like being asked to name a favourite child. It’s almost impossible to pick one out. Each one has its selling points, classics and a sound that proved ahead of its time, hugely influential and particularly popular with a Mod audience.

In From The Cold was the band’s fourth and final LP, which was originally released on Stiff subsidiary Countdown, which might be why it has ended up back amongst the Acid Jazz roster with the Eddie Piller connection. It was the album that took longest to record, perhaps because of the tension amongst the band at the time.

There were problems when it finally hit the shelves too. Stiff, which was overseeing distribution, were pretty much bust and the album’s initial quantities soon sold out with no stock to replace it.

The CD finally got that reissue via Big Beat a few years back, but the vinyl is also now available. I don’t know if this is the straight vinyl reissue as details are scarce or whether the extra tracks from the Big Beat reissue are on there. The Acid Jazz site has no mention of it.

All I do know is that the LP is back on 20th March 2020 and if you want it, you can pre-order it now via Amazon or via Rough Trade. It’s £19.99 from Amazon or £17.99 from Rough Trade, although Prime might come into play if you want free shipping.

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