Vintage-style Napoli sweater by Trickett

Vintage-style Napoli sweater by Trickett
Vintage-style Napoli sweater by Trickett
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Only available for a limited time, this vintage-style Napoli sweater by Trickett is perfect for the colder months.

If you haven’t heard of Trickett I wouldn’t really be surprised. Yes, they did remake some 1960s waffle cardigans last year (which is nice since Mikkel Rude no longer makes them). But they aren’t a ‘Mod’ label by any stretch of the imagination.

The company tends to operate producing one-off designs in limited numbers, whether that’s socks or hats, knitwear or more casual clothing. All made in the UK too, which is a bonus.

This one is also a limited edition, but rather than a battle to get one, the company has opened a window to order, which is from now until 12pm on 21st February 2020. So if you like it, make sure you get one ordered before then as it isn’t going to be remade.

As for the design itself, this is a wool sweater and the first part of what looks like being a long-running series under header ‘jumpers for goalposts’, which will celebrate all things wool and football-related.

It’s started with quite a bang too. This is a reproduction of a sweater spotted by Trickett in a documentary some years back, worn by a Napoli Ultra.

It has Italian flag-inspired cuffs, hem and neck, that huge ’N’ in the middle and the azure colour. It also has a slightly higher neck than a normal crew neck jumper (which is a nod to vintage cycling jerseys of the mid-20th century), a raglan sleeve and 100 per cent British wool construction.

All of that for £85 if you get your name down for one before the deadline.

Find out more at the Trickett website

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