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Watch the trailer to the upcoming Svengali movie

Svengali movie
Svengali movie
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It started off as a YouTube series, but now Svengali is a bona fide full-length movie. You can check out the trailer now too.

Here’s the plot. Mod and idealist Dixie (Jonny Owen) and his girlfriend Shell (Vicky McClure) leave their small Welsh hometown for London, where Dixie intends to let nothing stand between him and his dream of being the manager of a big-time rock band. Unfortunately, he doesn’t take into account the realities of the music business, not to mention the cost of living, in his quest for the big time.

The cast also includes the likes of Martin Freeman and Maxine Peake, not to mention a few famous walk-on parts. It looks like it’ll be well worth catching at the flicks too. In fact, you can catch it at the Edinburgh Film Festival next month, presumably followed by a general release later in the summer.

Website is here and the trailer below…

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