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The Mod Suit by Social Suicide

by Modculture 22 December, 2008

The word ‘Mod’ is big business these days, so its no surprise to see the more mainstream fashion scene jumping in on the act, The Mod Suit by Social Suicide being one example.

Irrespective of the suit itself, the idea and the range is actually quite interesting, featuring youth cult looks over the years, including the Teddy Boy, Mod, Rocker, Peanut, Beetle and Rudi, with each inspiring a handmade suit/outfit with the kind of detailing you’ll usually expect at a tailor.

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New British film: Clubbed

by Modculture 18 December, 2008

A new British film Clubbed, set in the early 1980s, has a very intriguing soundtrack we felt you should know about.

The plot of the film is essence the story of a lost factory worker seeking redemption in the murky world of nightclubs and gangland. It stars Mel Raido as the central character (best known for his recent work depicting Harry Roberts in the ITV series He Kills Coppers). You can see the trailer for the film below. As a description ‘gritty’ pretty much covers it.

What is of most interest, however, is the soundtrack, which features a selection of ska, northern soul, and funk classics. Of the former you get to hear songs by Jackie Mittoo, Roland Alphonso and Nine Ton Peanut Smugglers, and for the latter we get to hear some obscure sounds by acts such as Bob Relf, Sam Dees, Carol Anderson, Bobby Hutton, Tony Cook, Bobby Purify, Lorraine Johnson, Dorothy Norwood, and David Batiste.

The film is released in the UK and across Europe on January 16th 2009. You can visit the official movie site here.

Clubbed Trailer
by ClubbedTheMovie

Carlo Little's star-studded album

by Modculture 18 December, 2008

Now here is an album with a stellar line-up of 60s legends that almost never came out.

Carlo Little was a ’60s drumming legend. He played with The Savages, Cyril Davies All Stars, The Rolling Stones and The Hoochie Coochie Men amongst many other favourites of the beat era. In 2000 Little recorded an album with some of his old 60s contemporaries. However shortly afterward he fell ill and eventually died in 2005. The album languished unheard for many years, but next month is finally released.

Carlo Little All Stars, as the band was called, recorded ‘Never Stop Rockin’ over several sessions. The line-up featured Rick Brown and Ron Wood (The Rolling Stones), Art Wood (The Artwoods), Long John Baldry, Matthew Fisher (Procol Harum), and Geraint Watkins (Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings).

The album is released on January 12th, and is available to order from Amazon here. A launch party for the album takes place at the Eel Pie Club in London on March 4th.

The official Carlo Little website can be visited here.

Clarks Desert Khan 2 Shoes

by Modculture 17 December, 2008

Interesting twist on a classic – the Clarks Desert Khan 2 Shoes.

Yes, your eyes don’t deceive you, this is a stripped-down version of the 50s classic, turning it into a shoe, throwing in some premium suede in two shades at the same time. A love or hate thing, I’m sure.

Just out in Japan, there’s every chance these will make it to the UK sometime next year. If you can’t wait, check out the Atmos online store.

Atmos website

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Fred Perry Football Cardigan

by Modculture 17 December, 2008

It’s cardigan weather – and new out from Fred Perry is this Football Cardigan.

No, it’s not designed for wearing at the match (although you could), the name is down to the buttons – the chunky, vintage-style black leather ‘football’ buttons. Aside  from that, there’s a gold laurel on a black lambswool cardigan and a high fasten.

Yours for £95.

Find out more at the End Clothing website

Topman Self Navy Peacoat

by Modculture 17 December, 2008

There’s little more classic in 1960s coat styles than the pea coat, and there’s been a slew of handsome and affordable versions on the high street this Winter. If you’re on a budget, Topman‘s selections include a variety of cuts, colours and materials, one of the best being this Navy version by collaborating designers Self.

Made from a wool blend, the military buttons and sleek cut make this a great piece of luxurious style from the high street. The high collar and three sets of double breasted buttons finish off a great 60s look jacket that’s timeless.

Get it from Topman now for £110.

Find out more from the website

West End Jungle heads to DVD

by Modculture 16 December, 2008

Banned back in the day, the West End Jungle documentary has now passed the UK censor, heading to DVD in January 2009.

It’s described as the ‘seedy reality’ of the sex industry of the early sixties in Soho, looking at how the industry survived attempts to ‘clean up’ the streets – finding a home in a new breed of members club. Indeed, director Arnold L. Miller films in those seedy night clubs, interviewing the girls involved and other ‘experts’ in the field. You can see why it got thrown about by the British movie establishment back in the day.

Yet today it’s trashy cult viewing, a period piece and unlike the movies of the time, a genuine insight into what Soho was really like 45 years ago. You can pre-order a copy now for around £11.

Find out more about the DVD at

New band: The See See

by Modculture 16 December, 2008

Bands often come together after former disparate musical journeys end, and the impetus to start afresh brings like-minded souls instinctively together. Such as it was with London four-piece beat-folk-psych’ers The See See.

Richard Olson (The Eighteenth Day Of May), Kevin Peyok (Waxwings), and Ben Swank (Soledad Brothers) are joined by Leeds folkster Pete Greenwood. Together they bring ‘guts’ to the traditional 60s rock-lite sound. Sold-out debut single ‘Up The Hill’ takes the West Coast jangle template and brings that sought-after ragged, world-take-a-hike angle on events. Another track ‘Keep Your Head’ sounds like ‘Eight Miles High’ on a particularly frazzled night out. Meanwhile the tremeloed guitar and on the beginning of new song ‘It’s True Pt. 12’ shows the influence of various lilting luminaries (The Pretty Things, Buffalo Springfield, Teenage Fanclub), before briefly heading into more lysergic territory with some heady and heady psychedelic guitar lines.

Jack White is a big fan of the band, and has asked them to provide support at recent Raconteurs gigs. This comes second in the highlights-so-far category though. As Olsen explains, “Kevin ranted outrageously from the stage at a bunch of yuppies at one of our early shows; their jaws dropped down to their brogues and they all bought our records afterwards“. That display of honestly and integrity implies The See See are a band that you can easily learn to love, and men not reduced to conform and flogged on the back of the latest nostalgia trend. Free from the weight of anyone’s expectations and the ability to record at their leisure in Olsen’s warehouse studio has brought freedom and confidence to the grouping. “We’re probably the least self-conscious band in London, and it pays dividends. You can listen to the band growing. It’s like watching a kid learn to walk“. And when your children sound as handsome as this, you’re likely to beam with pride.

The See See are currently working on their debut album to be released next year. Hear them on their Myspace page here.