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The James Hunter Six - Hold On! (Daptone)

The James Hunter Six – Hold On! (Daptone)

The release information from Daptone states that this is James Hunter’s fourth album. It’s actually his sixth by my reckoning and with that comes the danger that the more a great artist produces, the more they might struggle to keep up the standard. Thankfully, ‘Hold On!’ launches that theory out […]

Fay Hallam x The Bongolian

Fay Hallam – Corona (Blow-Up)

The last Fay Hallam release was the collaboration with The Bongolian known as Lost In Sound, which was an incredibly popular release, not least because it was a really good album. Now Fay is back with a solo project on the Blow-Up label, Corona. And it’s not what you might […]