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Spotify playlist: 1980s London mod club scene

Spotify playlist: 1980s London mod club scene
Spotify playlist: 1980s London mod club scene
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Want to relive your time at Sneakers? Or just get a feel for it? Check out the 1980s London mod club scene playlist on Spotify.

It isn’t just about Sneakers, the 9-hour playlist (yes, really) covers jazz, R&B, soul, blues, ska and more played at a cross-section of London clubs from around 1984 through to the latter part of that decade. 209 songs and counting as far as I can see.

Sneakers club (c) Paul Hallam
Sneakers club (c) Paul Hallam


The playlist is the work of Greg Boraman, assisted by Sneakers DJs Paul Hallam and Richard Early and is just a fine piece of work. Saves you a good amount of money in terms of buying CDs too, as long as you have Spotify installed obviously.

See it below and download and stream at your pleasure…

1980s London mod club scene Spotify playlist

If you want to know about Sneakers, do check out the Modculture interview with Kieran McAleer, the man behind that particular night.

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