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The Electric Mess – Falling Off The Face Of The Earth (Self)

The Electric Mess - Falling Off The Face Of The Earth (Self)
The Electric Mess – Falling Off The Face Of The Earth (Self)
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Ah, the Electric Mess, who you may recall from the You’ve Become A Witch single. They now have an album too, going by the name of Falling Off The Face Of The Earth.

It’s pretty much as you expect too, which is another way of saying ‘like the single? You’ll like this too’. Although it’s worth noting that the single isn’t actually on the long player.

It’s garage, late ’60s-style, but from a band who weren’t even born when that particular decade was in full swing. If anything, it reminds me of the Paisley Underground acts of the ’80s and it’s hard to get away from a comparison to The Fuzztones musically (although it’s a million miles away vocally).

Anyway, if a swirling organ, 100mph grooves, screaming guitars, a driving rhythm section and an authentic 60s-style production is right up your street, you’ll love this album, Because, pretty much track by track (well, expect maybe one or two tunes), that’s pretty much what you get. No chance of a ballad here, that’s for sure.

But there are plenty of good tunes, the pick of which are, for me, the wonderfully-named (and album opener) He Looks Like A Psycho, the pounding beat of Tell Me Why, title track Falling Off The Face Of The Earth (which is more than a little catchy) and the slightly more laid back Third Degree Burn.

To be fair, there isn’t a duff tune on here, although there isn’t one that jumps out as a standout either, which is perhaps the only disappointment for me. If you love late ’60s garage or are a fan of our Paisley Underground Spotify playlist, you’ll probably be a fan of this too.

On the evidence of this, I suspect they’re a pretty hot live band too. If they come over to the UK from their New York base, maybe I’ll find out.

You can buy the album directly from the band’s website, which you’ll find here. Check out the single that isn’t on the album below.

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