Affordable vintage cycling tops by 3M Caverni

by Modculture 12 June, 2019

Not just good looking, these are affordable vintage cycling tops by 3M Caverni. At least, compared to some out there. Continue Reading

Classic cycling: Diederik Degryse of Magliamo interviewed

by Modculture 7 June, 2019

Currently one of Paul Weller’s favourite labels, we talk to Diederik Degryse of vintage cycling brand and current mod favourite Magliamo. Continue Reading

Vintage-style cycling clothing by Tiralento

by Modculture 1 May, 2019

My round-up of vintage-style cycling tops was incredibly popular, so I suspect the vintage-style cycling clothing by Tiralento will hit the mark too. Continue Reading

Carpano vintage-style Merino Wool track top by Magliamo

by Modculture 19 November, 2018

Another winner from a label with a reputation for them. The Carpano vintage-style Merino Wool track top by Magliamo. Continue Reading

Top 10: Cycling tops and shirts for mods

by Modculture 12 November, 2017

Cycling tops have always been popular on the mod scene, but brands and ranges tend to come and go. Here are 10 of our favourite cycling tops, covering both the functional and fashion end of the market. Continue Reading

Vintage spotting: 1960s cycling shirts at Ham Yard Vintage

by Modculture 27 June, 2017

The newly-launched Ham Yard Vintage Etsy shop has some interesting items, including these 1960s cycling shirts. Continue Reading

Vintage-style winter cycling tops by Magliamo

by Modculture 12 September, 2016

If you go out on a bike, all the better. But these vintage-style winter cycling tops by Magliamo would probably work on either two wheels or on foot. Continue Reading

Out now: Paul Smith’s Cycling Scrapbook (Thames and Hudson)

by Modculture 24 May, 2016

There are so many mods with an interest in cycling, which might also mean an interest in Paul Smith’s Cycling Scrapbook, which has just been released by Thames and Hudson. Continue Reading