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DC Fontana – Pentagram Man EP (DCTone)

DC Fontana - Pentagram Man EP (DCTone)
DC Fontana – Pentagram Man EP (DCTone)
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This EP has been plugged so much in advance I’d presumed it was already out. But no, the Pentagram Man EP by DC Fontana has just landed.

Whether it appeals is perhaps dependent on which part of the 1960s tickles your fancy. If it happens to be the latter half, there’s every chance that this EP will appeal.

The lead track is a catchy little number and head and shoulders above the other individual tracks. ’60s psych pop recreated for 2012. It’s not for everyone, but it appeals to these ears, both in terms of the song and the authentic sound the band has managed to produce.

In comparison, second track DevilAngel, whilst covering similar ground, just sounds a bit pedestrian. Not a bad tune, just not all that memorable. Likewise, What Would It Take is a decent, well-produced acoustic number, but just doesn’t have the impact of the EP opener.

Satisfied, Pt. One is also quite laid back, a touch more jazzy and not a bad listen, but again without that killer hook that would stick in your brain. Sighed DC is a touch of studio swirl, a soundscape of layers and effects and for what it is, works pretty damn well.

But there’s a huge bonus just around the corner…

Pentagram Man has been recorded as a bonus track, featuring Don ‘I’m Alive’ Fardon on vocals. The backing doesn’t change much, but Fardon’s rugged tones offer a nice contrast to the original. Is it better? Hard to say, but it’s equally as good.

On the plus side, the EP shows a band comfortable with a number of styles, full of ideas, but as a downside, perhaps just short of knocking out something really strong. The lead track here in both incarnations is excellent, the rest pretty decent. If this was just a 45 with both versions of Pentagram Man, I’d be raving about it.

As it is, it’s an EP with those tracks and some others that are perhaps less essential. Still well worth picking up though.

Details on buying the record can be found at the DC Fontana website.

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