Official Ready Steady Go! tote bags

Official Ready Steady Go! tote bags
Official Ready Steady Go! tote bags

The Ready Steady Go! book has its own webstore and there you’ll find these official Ready Steady Go! tote bags.

The store is set up to promote both the recently-released Ready Steady Go! book as well as the Ready Steady Go! vinyl box that was released a few months back. You can pick up both there if you wish (I’ll be reviewing the book in the very near future), as well as a couple of other bits and pieces.

If the mood takes you, a tea towel is also available to buy, along with a t-shirt and some bundles of items. But the tote bag is the thing that caught my eye.

After all, it’s practical and it’s quite an eye-catching design too, featuring the TV show branding in colour against a white backdrop. That’s all you can say about it really, apart from it being £12 to purchase.

If this tote doesn’t grab you, I previously pulled together a list of Mod-related tote bags here if you want a look. All ideal for a quick shop or throwing in some vinyl.

Find out more at the Ready Steady Go! website

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