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Ham Yardies present the 2012 Summer Special

Video: Night Trains – No More Heroes (Acid Jazz)

I vaguely remember buying an album by the Night Trains on Acid Jazz in the ’90s. I can recall the sleeve, but very little about the actual album if truth be told. Anyway, the band is back on the same label with something that’s likely to divide opinion.

Dance Craze two tone book

If you are (or were) a fan of the two tone movement, you might want to pick up a copy of Dance Craze by Garry Bushell, which is published by Acid Jazz and available now.

New Acid Jazz Rare Mod releases

We've been flagging up the Rare Mod series of EPs from Acid Jazz for some time now – in fact, the next one is EP number seven. To celebrate, there's a new box set out, a collector's EP and a CD compilation of the range.

New John's Children album reviewed

Yes, that's right, there's a new John's Children album about to be released. going by the name of Black and White. The album is released on the Acid Jazz label in early June, with the current line-up a mix of old and new members and the new album similarly made […]

New band: The Broken Vinyl Club

Yesterday, I reviewed the new Hipsters 2 compilation on Acid Jazz, with a track by The Broken Vinyl Club being one of the highlights. So we’re highlighting this very band, who might well be big news later this year.