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Quadrophenia screening in Margate

by Modculture 25 February, 2010

Ok, it's in the bargain bins on DVD and is on TV every other month, but if you have the urge to sing 'We are the mods…' at a large screen, you'll be pleased to know that there's a Quadrophenia screening in Margate.

It's part of a larger event, essentially one to promote the preservation of Margate's Dreamland seaside amusement park, youth cults being used to promote it and eventually, to be part of a permanent exhibition.

Anyway, the date is Saturday 3rd April 2010 at the Carlton Cinema, 25-29 St Mildred's Road, Westgate On Sea (just up the coast), with guest speakers Paolo Hewitt, Roger K Burton of Contemporary Wardrobe (the man behind the movie's clothing), Nick Dermott and Neil Sparkes. Tickets are £12 from the cinema. No website I'm afraid, call 01843 832019 to find out more.

Club focus: Friday Street Glasgow

by Modculture 25 February, 2010

If you follow the site via Facebook or the forums, you'll know we're going to attack the issue of club listings in a slightly different way – no more '£4 in, wooden floor, cheap drinks' nonsense, instead the promoters for clubs being permanently listed on the site are being asked to fill in a 10-question survey – the first of which is Glasgow's long-running Friday Street.

The idea is simple – wherever you are in the world, you can check if there's a club nearby and get the full lowdown on it, from its background to its playlist, its outlook and of course, those all-important contact and door policy details.

Anyway, Friday Street has very kindly turned the first feature round very quickly, but look out for more soon. And like everything on the site, let us know your thoughts on it. Of course, if you have a regular club night ANYWHERE in the world, feel free to get in touch for the list of questions. We'll be more than happy to have you on board.

Feature on Friday Street Glasgow

Adidas Vespa S trainers

by Modculture 23 February, 2010

Adidas is still going strong with its Vespa collaboration, the Adidas Vespa S trainers being the latest addition.

Over time, it seems like the trainers are starting to look more like old school Adidas trainers, the Vespa branding here just looks like an add-on, with the detailing now on the sole and the side, but it's the Adidas logos that dominate the shoe.

Take your pick from white on black or the black on white above, both selling for £65.

Find out more at the Adidas Store website

Carnaby Street: 1960 – 2010

by Modculture 23 February, 2010

Still a byword for swinging London, Carnaby Street is celebrated at the Carnaby Street: 1960 – 2010 exhibition, which runs fromFriday February 26th 2010.

Taking place at the 38 Carnaby Street gallery, the exhibition will apparently put into context the history of Carnaby from its earliest origins in the 16th Century to the present day, but will of course have much of its emphasis on the 1960s. As well as the exhibition, there will also be a limited edition book of the same name, featuring images from photographer Philip Townsend (like the one above) and exclusive interviews with people who have lived and worked in Carnaby including The Who’s Pete Townsend.

The exhibition will be open 7 days a week at 38 Carnaby Street, London W1. That's also where you'll find the book.

Carnaby Street website

Via Retro To Go

Fred Perry x Liberty range

by Modculture 23 February, 2010

Fred Perry has announced its latest Blank Canvas range, teaming up with iconic London department store Liberty for a range of classics with a twist.

Look out for it in April, when classic Fred Perry pieces will get the Liberty treatment, specifically by adding two of Liberty's own classic – Mark (paisley) and Edenham (floral).

The designs include four re-worked classic M12 polos, two in Black with Ecru tipping and two in white with Larkspur and Berry Red tipping, along with a short-sleeved shirt fully printed in both Liberty designs and the Classic Fred Perry Black Harrington Jacket with Mark lining. Prices will be announced nearer to the launch date – but should be a little more than the usual Fred Perry gear. More images over the page.

Fred Perry website

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