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Early Eric Clapton anthology

by Modculture 31 July, 2007

For any fans of the blues or British R&B, Clapton Is God, a two-disc collection of Eric Clapton’s early work, looks well worth checking out.

It covers most of the man’s early career, with disc one covering both live and studio work with The Yardbirds, as well as his work backing blues legend Sonny Boy Wiliamson. Disc two follows that up with some session tracks, the pick of his work with John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers and some tracks with Jimmy Page and The Immediate All-Stars.

40 tracks, retailing for around £12. It hits the shelves on 17th September.

More about the CD at

ABC of Men’s Fashion reissued

by Modculture 31 July, 2007

First issued in 1964, long out of print and sought after by just about everyone with an interest in classic/vintage fashion and style, The ABC of Men’s Fashion by Hardy Amies is finally scheduled for a reissue in the coming weeks.

It’s re-appearance is down to the V&A, which is reissuing the book as part of its Golden Age of Couture exhibition. And if you have any interest in men’s fashion, this is pretty much essential, breaking down just about every fashion term and item into an A to Z listing, with descriptions for each in Mr Amies’ own witty style.

So if you want to know the difference between a flare and a bell bottom, The ABC of Men’s Fashion will tell you when it’s released in October, with a new introduction by Ian Garlant, priced around £9.99.

Find out more at the V&A website

Update: You can now get an even cheaper cloth-bound hardback edition of this classic. Get one here for just £6.99.

Take My Tip Competition winners

by Modculture 30 July, 2007

As a new competition starts, an old one finishes – in this case, the competition for the Take My Tip compilation CD.

Below are the winners from a very big number of entries, who will be contacted via email in the coming days. If you didn’t win this time, there’s always another time – we have competitions running constantly.

Jean-Paul Seculaire – London (UK)
Alex M. Franquet – Barcelona (Spain)
Neil Lee – Leeds (UK)
Stefan Theissen – Meerbusch (Germany)
John McKenzie – Dundee (UK)

Paul Weller – The Changing Man

by Modculture 29 July, 2007

Claimed to be ‘the frankest and most honest portrait of Paul Weller ever written’, The Changing Man is a new biography of Paul Weller by Paolo Hewitt – and it’s set for release by Bantam Press on 24th September 2007 in hardback for around £18.99.

It’s said to be a twist on the typical biography (thankfully – there’s plenty of those around about PW), mixing Hewitt’s knowledge of Weller and his music making with an examination of Weller’s lyrics – selecting the key songs as a tool to explore the man’s character, as well as a few personal anecdotes to add a bit more depth and uniqueness to the book.

Note that this isn’t to be confused with Suburban 100, the Weller lyrics book that is also due out in September with a Peter Blake sleeve. Although it could well cover similar ground.

More about the book at

Nom De Guerre Reefer Jacket

by Modculture 29 July, 2007

It’s not winter yet – but give it a few weeks and the weather will certainly take a turn for the worse. And you’ll need to be kitted out in something cool, like this Nom De Guerre Reefer Jacket.

This coat from the New York-based collective is every inch the future classic, a nice twist on the classic pea coat in black, fitted and predominantly made of wool. It also features a Cupra lining, one internal and two external handwarmer pockets and an adjustable cuff.

Not cheap – £375 at selected UK retailers.

Find out more at the Oi Polloi website

Piaggio's retro-like Vespa S scooter

by Modculture 29 July, 2007

Piaggio has a new scooter model on the market, claiming the Vespa S is a direct descendent of its 50 Special and Primavera.

The idea, apparently, is to appeal to the Italian youth who may have heard tales of those older models from their parents – and indeed the fun they had riding them in the late 60s and early 70s.

Saying that, it does look not unlike a modern Vespa, with the addition of the rectangular headlight, trimmed-down mudguard and sporty rear light. There’s a choice of 50cc and 125cc and a variety of colour-schemes, each with its own accessories – with prices at 2,500 Euros for the 50cc and 3,200 for the 125cc.

Find out more at the Official Vespa website (translated from Italian)

Decca 7-inch box sets

by Modculture 25 July, 2007

Three Decca 60s 7-inch boxsets are set to hit the shelves in September – but you might have to order now as they’re limited to just 500 each – and as they’re packed with big price rarities, cut directly from the analogue masters with original labels and sold with a booklet, they’re sure to be in demand. Details of tracks below…

Decca Mod Masters Volume 1 – Circular Grooves

Sandra Barry & The Boys – Really gonna Shake c/w When We Get Married
Graham Gouldman – Stop! Stop! Stop! (Or Honey I’ll Be Gone) c/w Better To Have Loved Than Lost
St Louis Union (pictured) – East Side Story c/w Think About Me
Marc Bolan – The Third Degree c/w San Francisco Poet
Eyes of Blue – Supermarket Full of Cans c/w Don’t Ask Me To Mend Your Broken Heart
Wards of Court – All Night Girl c/w How Could You Say One Thing

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London Cancer Awareness Mod night

by Modculture 25 July, 2007

If you happen to be in London this weekend, make a point of heading down to the 100 Club and showing your support for Above The Clouds.

It’s taking place on Sunday July 29th at the The 100 Club, 100 Oxford Street and is in memory of Jenny Scales and in support of breast cancer awareness, with all proceeds going to Cancer Research UK.

Live music comes from 17 Black and Darron J Connett, with DJ support from Paolo Hewitt, Kev Lock and Andy Lewis. There’s also an auction for some items well worth owning.

Admission is £10 and it all starts at 7pm. It’s tickets in advance, so if you want to know more, contact [email protected] or find out more on the web here.