Month: August 2007

Reverend Cleatus on Radio 2

Top Hammond combo Reverend Cleatus and the Soul Saviours make it to radio 2 this week, courtesy of Mark Lamarr’s God’s Jukebox show. The band perform a 5-track live session and throw in a bit of chat, probably plugging their 2LBs of Funk (In a 1LB Bag) album, which is […]

Villain heads to DVD

Out of all the classic/cult British gangster movies, one in particular has never been issued on DVD – Villain. Well, for the first time, Villain is now confirmed for a DVD release. Based on the classic 60s crime thriller Burden Of Proof (and indeed on the Krays), it’s the tale […]

Lambretta's Who clothing – pictures

We mentioned a few weeks back that Lambretta Clothing was issuing an officially-sanctioned range of Who Clothing. Well, that clothing hits the shops in September – and we have images of some of the replica pieces. There were initially two ranges – Tribute and Iconic – but these have now […]

Stax anniversary movie at the cinema

Something to look out for at your local cinema, the  Stax 50th Anniversary Documentary and Concert – Respect Yourself: The Stax Records Story. It will be showing all over the UK (at 23 cinemas) throughout August and September, with two special showings in Manchester and London: London – Odeon Covent […]

Vespa speedometer thermometer

Old scooter accessories don’t fade away, they just get recycled into other items – like this Vespa vintage speedometer thermometer. Moulded from the original dies, this no longer keeping track of your speed – instead it keeps track of the temperature indoors. Although, let’s be honest, this is just a […]

This Is England – full DVD details

We have just received the full confirmed details of the DVD reissue of Shane Meadows’ This Is England, the much talked-about movie about growing up in the north of England – and as part of the 80s skinhead movement. If you want to know more, check out our in-depth review. […]